No hiding in the dark [INDODEF16-D1]

01 November 2016

OPTIX JSC of Bulgaria (Hall D, Stand DP010), a specialist in the development and manufacture of optical systems and devices for military and law enforcement applications, as well as for the civil market and hunting fraternity, is presenting its wide-ranging portfolio here at Indo Defence. Military products include day and night vision sights and attachments, thermal vision devices, and mobile surveillance systems.

Among the newest products is the all-weather NVA-10 clip-on device that in combination with any rifle-scope converts a weapon into a fully functional night vision weapon system. The clip-on device incorporates mirror lens objective, which results in reduction of the overall length, reduces the maximum weight, and performs with a field of view of 10º. It is applicable to a wide range of weapons, from assault rifles to the most precise long-range rifles, ensuring a crisp and clear image during the night. The LRF 905-500 is a compact laser rangefinder clip-on to the company’s thermal imaging scopes for the military and law enforcement sniper teams, which increases the chances of precision shooting by adding the distance factor, ensuring proper measurement on more than 500m and facilitating the snipers’ calculations on target acquisition.

OPTIX, as part of the international ATO consortium, was responsible for the integrated system for monitoring and protection of the Bulgarian Black Sea frontier ‘Blue’ border, which provides the Bulgarian Border Police with all the necessary equipment to detect, identify and track maritime vessels and other illegally passing intruders. Continuous monitoring and transmission of information are made in real time and in all weather conditions, such as complete darkness, dense fog, snow, dense smoke and dust, within a radius of 21km. The monitoring system meets the EU’s Schengen requirements.

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