Secure at all times [INDODEF16-D1]

01 November 2016

German electronics company Rohde & Schwarz (Hall A, Stand 117) is demonstrating its comprehensive portfolio of integrated communications and radio reconnaissance solutions. The ARDRONIS solution for micro-drone communications detection and disruption, presented for the first time in Asia, enables users to identify microdrone control signals early on, and locate the drone’s operator and disrupt the control link. It also offers the capability of integration into higher-order networked systems or flexible security systems.

Another highlight is NAVICS, a new VoIP-based switching system for naval communications that offers innovative technology and a state-of-the-art, intuitive user interface. This serves as a core component to deliver future-ready voice and data communications for all classes of ships.

The system interconnects the onboard voice terminals and all other subsystems for internal and external communications via a uniform IP network. An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) provides a modern and convenient means of operating the sophisticated system. Also new is the DDF1555 compact direction finder, which is at the heart of a full-featured man-portable reconnaissance system for outdoor applications, combining accurate direction finding with wideband monitoring capabilities.

Other products on show are its SDTR software-defined tactical radio, which provides command and control, operational flexibility and integrative communications across the various branches of the armed forces. It additionally delivers simultaneous voice and data communications when used with waveforms from its HDR family.

Rohde & Schwarz is also demonstrating its competence in cyber security, protecting IT infrastructures of companies and governments against espionage and cyber attacks.

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