Underwater technology [INDODEF16-D1]

01 November 2016

Established in 1994, Singapore-based Sea and Land Technologies Pte Ltd (Hall A, Stand 235) is promoting the Applied Acoustics Engineering Easytrak Alpha and Alpha Portable range of USBL tracking systems, which are ideally suited for small subsea vehicle operations or basic diver tracking.

The Alpha system is centred on a desktop command console and can be deployed in minutes, even by an inexperienced user. Connection to the host PC running Easytrak Alpha software is direct from the console via a USB port. At the heart of the Alpha Portable system is the console, a yellow marine grade splashproof case containing all the electronics for the USBL system, including internal GPS, a full-size keyboard, a large LCD display and a built-in battery. Transponders and responders are supported through a number of pre-defined channels, with switchable interrogation. Both systems have a lightweight transducer that incorporates heading and tilt sensors and offers hemispherical tracking, making it ideal for shallow water applications such as diver and underwater vehicle tracking, survey and inspection, near-shore construction and salvage, and marine technology.

Among the many other products presented is the Teledyne SeaBotix vLBV950 compact vectored MiniROV (remotely operated vehicle) with an extended depth rating to 950m, dual vertical thrusters, an impressive power to weight ratio, and a bollard thrust of 18.1-22.5kgf forward. The open frame design allows a modular configuration and the flexibility of adding optional equipment, which can include a wide range of cameras, powerful lights mounted on a pan/tilt turret, sensors and tools. An integrated navigation and control console, scanning sonars, video enhancers, grabber attachments and a zoom camera are some of the other options that make the vLBV950 an ROV that finds applications in the most diverse uses. It uses a low drag tether that offers minimal impact on performance and comes with an intuitive control system that makes it easy to handle for the ROV operator.

Sea and Land Technologies is the exclusive sales and service partner for the UK’s Applied Acoustics Engineering Ltd and US company Teledyne SeaBotix in Southeast Asia.

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