Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Productive partnership [AAD16D3]

16 September 2016

Building relationships over time tends to bear fruit for the respective parties. This has proved the case for Jordan’s KIG – KADDB Investment Group (Hangar 2, Stand CW20) and South Africa’s Paramount Group (Hangar 4, Stand W14).

With Paramount showing the robust and cost-effective Snake Head turret built by KIG’s Jordan Advanced Machining Company (JAMCO) on the Mbombe 6 vehicle, it is evident the partnership with Jordan’s military industry is ensuring a mutually beneficial return.

Paramount truly values the partnership with Jordan’s industry, which has now matured to the point of the latter providing equipment to be fitted to a range of armoured vehicles for the export market. This is a tangible result of the 17-yearlong association with Jordan and its emerging industry.

A further example is the strategic purchase agreement Paramount signed yesterday with KADDB subsidiary First Armour. “This purchase agreement represents a further step in the growing relationship and collaboration between the two companies and Paramount’s involvement in the Middle East,” the company stated.

First Armour provides effective personal protection solutions for individuals working in risky environments, military and law enforcement troops, aid workers and media personnel who are often exposed to different threats. Under the terms of the agreement, First Armour will provide Paramount with key equipment for a wide array of applications within the defence industry.

“This is but the first order for personal protection gear that Paramount has placed on First Armour, and which will become a standard offer in the packages we provide to our customers worldwide,” Paramount stated. “It also highlights the fact that Jordan’s industry now sells to Paramount, which shows the first real tangible benefits of our relationship.”

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