Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Keep fit anywhere [AAD16D3]

16 September 2016

The RST Trainer is a revolutionary training device designed to allow training anywhere – in doors, outdoors, at home or while deployed. It is lightweight and compact and can easily be carried around. Its effectiveness in maintaining peak operational fitness has been proven by military personnel.

The Trainer is manufactured from strong, durable material that can support up to a ton in weight. It can be anchored to a tree, a door, a tank or an armoured vehicle or any point strong enough to carry body weight, and can be used by men and women.

The device is being displayed at the Twiga Africa stand in Hall 6. An RST Combat Fitness and Conditioning Programme with more than 160 exercises is designed to meet or exceed standardised fitness test requirements. The exercises use body weight to build strength, balance and core stability that are needed for a healthy life.

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