Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Accurate approach [AAD16D3]

16 September 2016

Inclement weather or extreme environmental conditions make it hazardous for aircraft on final approach to an airport or military base. USA-based Harris Corporation (Hangar 3, Stand CE17) has a proud record of designing precision approach radar (PAR), going back to 1943 when it provided the first PAR to the US Army Air Corps.

It has just received a US$96 million (R1.4 billion) contract from the US Naval Air Systems Command for PAR to be installed for the navy, air force and army. Under the contract Harris will supply high-performance PAR systems to help the three services upgrade their precision approach and military air traffic management capabilities.

“Harris military precision approach radars combine considerable technical capability with high levels of reliability and affordability,” said Harris Electronic Systems president Ed Zoiss.

As a pioneer in developing air traffic control and 3D air defence radars for tactical applications, Harris also supports customers in more than 125 countries worldwide. “We solve our customers’ toughest mission-critical challenges, by providing solutions that connect, inform and protect,” the company stated.

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