Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Precision strike [AAD16D2]

15 September 2016

Poly Technologies (Hangar 2) of China is now marketing a number of precision-guided weapons that allow targets to be engaged beyond the range of conventional tube artillery systems. These are the CM-501GA and FT-10A multipurpose tactical precision strike weapon systems.

A typical launch platform for the CM-501A is an armoured personnel carrier (6x6), which has a 12-round launcher integrated into the rear. When travelling, this is retracted into the hull of the vehicle under armour protection and is elevated prior to missiles being launched.

Poly Technologies is quoting a maximum launch weight of around 100kg, a missile diameter of 180mm and a length of about 2m. Maximum range is currently being quoted as 40km and it is fitted with a 20kg penetrating warhead.

This would be very useful when engaging bunkers as well as when being used in the anti-shipping role, which is one of its potential applications.

The CM-501A is understood to use a mid-flight guidance system that comprises an inertial navigation system (INS) and a satellite link. For the terminal attack phase it uses a nose-mounted electro-optical infrared seeker with a claimed circular error of probability (CEP) of 2m. There is however some flexibility in the type of seeker fitted and another possibility is a radar/infrared combined seeker.

A typical platform for the FT-10A is the Poly Technologies 07PD (8x8) armoured fighting vehicle, but it can also be air launched. Mounted on the roof of the 07PD is a remote-controlled turret (RCT) with the day/night sensor package in the middle and two CM-501GA missiles in their launch boxes either side.

According to Poly Technologies, the FT-10A has both a lock on before launch and a lock on after launch capability, which allows other platforms to designate the target that is not in direct line of sight to the launch platform. The 152mm diameter and 2,190mm long missile is propelled by a two-stage solid propellant rocket motor, has a launch weight of 42.5kg, a maximum speed of 280m/s, and a maximum range of 10km.

The missile has a nose-mounted infrared imaging/charge-coupled device plus a semi-active laser seeker. It is fitted with a tandem high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead that is claimed to be able to penetrate up to 900mm of steel armour protected by explosive reactive armour.

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