Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Reliable protection [AAD16D2]

15 September 2016

Integrated Convoy Protection (ICP, Hangar 7, Stand W15) has unveiled its latest REVA (Reliable Effective Versatile Affordable) Protection vehicle. The first one was completed just before the show opened.

The vehicle is aimed at the internal security vehicle (ISV) and police markets that require a nonaggressive vehicle that is not only cost-effective to procure but also easy to operate and maintain.

It consists of a chassis developed by ICP on which is fitted an all-welded steel body that provides ballistic protection from small arms fire, and windows with a similar level of ballistic protection.

It has 4x2 drive and is powered by a diesel engine coupled to a manual transmission with a typical gross vehicle weight of around 6 tonnes. The first example of the REVA Protection is in right-hand drive configuration, but it would also be available in left-hand drive.

In the basic troop/police version it has seats for the commander and driver at the front and six dismounts in the rear. There is an additional bench seat at the rear of the troop compartment that could be removed to allow equipment to be carried, for example riot control equipment.

The crew and dismounts can rapidly enter and leave via a door in either side and there are also roof hatches.

An ICP spokesman told the AAD Show Daily “the REVA Protection is very affordable and is of modular design so that it can be rapidly reconfigured for a different role such as cash in transit”.

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