Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Simulating reality [AAD16D2]

15 September 2016

Training in a simulated environment is not only more practical but also cost-effective and safer, provided the systems mimic reality as closely as possible. Cybicom Atlas Defence (Hangar 5, Stand CW18) offers a range of surface and subsurface naval combat training packages.

The periscope simulator family consists of the Airbus DS Optronics SERO-based ocular box and instructor workstation. With its realistic human-machine interface (HMI) elements, the ocular box affords the operator a high-fidelity user experience. According to Cybicom, the periscope family ranges from a desktop trainer to a fully integrated ceiling mount configuration that supports high-fidelity graphics packaged within a realistic submarine environment.

Some of the technical highlights offered include vessel bow spray, navigation lights for vessels, sea states from SS0 to SS8, cloud cover, day/night simulation and weather effects.

Cybicom’s helicopter flight deck trainer (HFDT) provides joint training for flight deck controllers (FDC) and marine helicopter pilots. The system combines custom-developed gesture recognition software and commercial off-the-shelf motion tracking hardware, as well as modelling and simulation software, a scenario generation tool and interactive graphical interfaces. The system can be configured for the helicopter to respond automatically to signals given by the FDC or used with a basic helicopter model controlled by an instructor or helicopter pilot.

According to Cybicom, the HFDT can be integrated with existing helicopters for higher fidelity, or the company can develop a custom solution.

Cybicom Atlas Defence is a joint company of Cybicom (Africa) Technologies (Pty) Ltd and Atlas Elektronik GmbH.

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