Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Beware the bull [AAD16D1]

14 September 2016

Occasionally an innovative new weapon system gets released that takes the market by surprise.

This is the case with Denel PMP’s Inkunzi Strike, a belt-fed version of its Inkunzi PAW 20x42mm personal area weapon, previously known as Neopup. Both the PAW and Strike versions of Inkunzi (which means ‘Bull’) are on display at the Denel pavilion (Hangar 4, Stand W7).

According to Denel PMP chief executive Phaladi Petje, the semiautomatic PAW was designed for a single soldier to carry and fire, as it has low recoil. “It is ideal for dismounted soldiers engaged in virtually all types of ground warfare, and is particularly useful to destroy high-value targets, up to a range of 1,000m. We’re finding that demand for our PAW weapon has grown steadily over the past year, which bodes well for the Strike, too.”

Petje explained that the weapon, with a conventional box magazine containing five rounds, is very accurate, making it highly suitable for use in urban environments or inside enemy positions. “Its effectiveness is not reduced at longer ranges because the effect of the bursting ammunition remains the same.

It is a real force multiplier to commanders across the full scope of any battlefield,” said Petje.

The new automatic Inkunzi Strike version was developed following PMP now producing and delivering the PAW with the company’s proprietary 20x42mm ammunition for two international clients. It has also been integrated in the self-defence remotely operated weapon station (SDROW) turret developed by the Mechatronics division of Denel Vehicle Systems.

The belt-fed Inkunzi Strike is fed from the left- or right-hand side, firing bursting ammunition, including high-explosive (HE) incendiary, semi-armour piercing, ball and ball-tracer, with a range of 1,000m.

The weapon is 850mm long and weighs 13kg.

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