Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Powering up outside the UK [AAD16D1]

14 September 2016

London-based manufacturer of microwave and RF systems, TMD Technologies Ltd (Hangar 6, Stand CE2), is showing its ‘first-of-the line’ PTX8807 Ka-band microwave power model (MPM) for the first time outside the UK, writes Don Henning.

This new TWT-based (travelling wave tube) MPM for radar, EW and communications applications operates over the technically challenging 30-40 GHz frequency range with an output power of up to 200W at 100 per cent maximum duty cycle.

The PTX8807 TWT-based MPM comprises a high-power Ka-band helix TWT and a matched high-density switched mode power supply, to form a single ‘drop-in’ microwave amplifier unit. This construction obviates the need for high-voltage TWT interconnection and eliminates associated safety and reliability hazards. Using just one MPM instead of a separate TWT and power supply also has the advantage of simplifying spares logistics and maintenance.

High electrical efficiency is ‘designed-in’, thus requiring the minimum of cooling and providing the highest reliability over a wide temperature range of -40ºC to +65ºC. Because the high-voltage section is fully encapsulated, the PTX8807 is able to operate at high altitudes up to 45,000ft (14,000m) and in high humidity environments up to 95 per cent (non-condensing), allowing easy and trouble-free integration into a variety of airborne platforms.

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