Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Spotlight on target [AAD16D1]

14 September 2016

Megaray Ltd (Hangar 6, Stand D8) has been in the searchlight industry for more than 25 years and in recent years has had its engineers design and produce a range of ultra-high intensity searchlights for applications including border patrol, crowd control, reconnaissance, sniper suppression and surveillance.

Models have been designed for use on platforms including armoured vehicles, large-calibre machine guns, tanks and vessel-mounted units. These include the popular handheld Megaray MR175MK2, and the MR2175ST, MR2175EM, MR2300, MR3300 and MR4300. Covert and semi-covert filters are available throughout the Megaray range for all infrared night vision device requirements. All models come standard with 8Hz strobe mode, which causes target disorientation and mental confusion, putting the enemy at a psychological disadvantage.

Megaray searchlights are said to be able to deliver ‘good street lighting’ on a target at a distance of 2,000m in the infrared spectrum when used with a night vision device and ‘above average street lighting’ on a target at 3,000m and beyond in the visible light spectrum. “Clients require light on target for effective night-time engagement, to have the capabilities to gain the upper hand over their adversaries. Megaray has taken the challenge to deliver our clients not only a world class searchlight but to have our claims backed by accurate information and data from independent laboratories,” said international sales manager Grant Cornish.

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