Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Last line of defence [AAD16D1]

14 September 2016

Czech communications specialist ERA a.s. is promoting its Deployable Passive ESM Tracker (DPET) VERA-NG, which provides highly mobile passive surveillance for detection, location, identification and tracking of air, ground and naval targets in three versions.

The sensors can be placed either on masts of two different heights (12m and 25m), supported by a tubular telescopic structure, or on lightweight tripods or quadpods.

The system is easily transported (above left) and rapid tactical deployment in any terrain is only 60 minutes. It has been delivered in a roll-on/roll-off configuration, including a fully configured mobile command centre containing all the processing, analysis and observation equipment.

The passive surveillance system, specifically DPET, is recognised as an essential sensor for any air defence surveillance network. DPET VERA-NG by ERA is a proven deployable air command and control system component (DAC) and processes radars, jammers, SSR/IFF transponders, TACAN/DME interrogators, datalinks and unco-operative targets based on transmission signatures and individual emitters.

This passive technology allows for virtually undetectable operation, provides long-term ELINT information and has no need for frequency allocations.

Because it emits zero electromagnetic energy, VERA-NG offers a covert, electronic and physical surveillance capability that is not vulnerable to anti-radar weapon systems, allowing armed forces to conduct cross-border long-term surveillance without alerting neighbouring states. This is said to make VERA-NG the last line of defence if primary radars are destroyed in a conflict situation.

ERA has installed several of its air traffic management systems in Africa, including the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) and multi-sensor surveillance system (MSS) at airports in Egypt and South Africa, and the Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) system in Namibia. Other contracts have recently been completed in undisclosed African countries.

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