Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

A clear night [AAD16D1]

14 September 2016

British thermal/night vision specialist Thermoteknix Systems (Hangar 6, Stand CW20) has launched the NiCAM-14 Monocular NVG (night vision goggles) with a range of helmet mounts for military and civilian use.

Miniature in size and with just 300g weight, NiCAM-14 supports a wide selection of 18mm Gen 2+ and Gen 3 tubes to suit all applications and budgets. It comes with an integral bracket, making it compatible with the company’s ClipIR clip-on thermal imager.

ClipIR is an add-on to image intensifiers, which upgrades them to Fused Night Vision. It has a 40º field of view (FOV) and can be supplied as a universal retrofit to existing NVGs, whether monocular, biocular or binocular, or it can be supplied as a Fused Night Vision package along with the NiCAM-14 device.

Earlier this summer, Thermoteknix introduced the FuseIR Fused Night Vision technology demonstrator. This handheld/helmet-mounted unit combines image intensification (I2) with thermal imaging and is the only enhanced night vision device with its patented Shutterless XTI technology, which uses no moving parts, is completely silent in operation and is ‘never blind’. Its 40º FOV matches the optimum for goggle usage.

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