Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Water everywhere, anywhere [AAD16D1]

14 September 2016

When natural disasters occur, affected communities invariably require immediate supplies of water and other life-supporting aid. Now humanitarian agencies can count on the innovative water treatment technologies from Darley (Hangar 3, Stand W8).

An industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality water treatment systems, Darley is showcasing its Versa Fresh Pak at AAD 2016.

The company’s products have been accepted by disaster and humanitarian relief agencies around the world, as well as by the US military.

Darley claims the compact, portable system can be set up by a single operator, producing safe water in less than 10 minutes. The Versa Fresh Pak purifies up to 4,000 litres of water per day from any non-saline water source, such as rivers, lakes or even standing water that may contain microbiological contamination.

The system is powered by a 20A battery, but can be operated from a truck or by an optional solar package. Darley is also able to provide scalable customised solutions that include water treatment systems for fresh, brackish and saltwater applications.

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