Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Asset protection and control [AAD16D1]

14 September 2016

Asset-protection-and-control-_AAD16D1_Asset-protection-and-control-_AAD16D1_Managing and controlling valuable assets such as firearms or even police dockets requires innovative technological solutions. South African company Synertech (Hangar 4, Stand E5) is now offering just such a solution to a broad range of industry sectors.

“The key to effective management lies in automation and the ability to objectively monitor in near-real time an asset’s presence, or association to a person or departments, and its movements,” explained Synertech’s Johan Classen.

This involves embedding RFID tags in the weapon without them being visible and yet able to withstand rugged deployment. With detection equipment fitted to the storage area, the content can be continuously surveyed and reported for any movement.

“Biometric devices linked to a pre-approval system ensure that only approved personnel get issued with the weapons,” he said. “All the systems have the ability to alert or notify/warn nominated individuals by SMS or email when an asset is moved out of a designated area or location.”

The live monitoring is done via dashboards, which have the ability to track and authenticate where an asset finds itself, and which staff are accessing or using the assets, according to user-defined parameters. A significant advantage is that such a management module enhances the auditing and risk management of assets.

According to Classen there has been significant interest from entities such as the military and police services to control not only firearms, but also documentation such as police dockets that can be ‘lost’ or misfiled.

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