Eurosatory 2016

Puma advances [ES2016D5]

17 June 2016

Production of the German Puma Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) is now ramping up, with more than 70 production vehicles delivered to the German Army from the two production lines.

Prime contractor for the AIFV is Projekt System & Management (PSM, External Stand D270), which is a joint venture formed between Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall Defence.

Under current contracts, PSM will deliver a total of 350 Puma AIFVs by 2020, which includes a batch of eight driver training vehicles. Eurosatory Daily understands that the German Army may well increase its Puma order in the future by a significant number.

Puma is the most advanced vehicle of its type in the world and is fitted with a remote-controlled turret armed with a Mauser 30mm MK30-2 dualfeed cannon that can fire an air-bursting munition. A 5.56mm machine gun is mounted co-axial with this weapon, but this will be replaced in the future by a 7.62mm weapon.

Trials will soon start with a pod of two Euro Spike Long Range anti-tank guided missiles mounted externally on the left side of the turret.

Other future improvements include installation of a 40mm automatic grenade launcher on the rear that will fire lethal and non-lethal munitions.

Puma has a crew of three and carries six dismounts, all of whom are seated in the well-protected hull that has an advanced armour package as well as explosive reactive armour (ERA).

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