Eurosatory 2016

SandCat observed [ES2016D5]

17 June 2016

Plasan’s SandCat utility vehicle has returned to the show this year (External Stand E160) in its latest and most advanced form, outfitted as an observation platform and equipped with a thermal imaging system.

Mounted on the rear of the vehicle is a mast-mounted observation system that displays imagery at two side-facing operator stations in the rear cabin. In the front are driver and commander’s stations, the latter equipped with a tablet-style tactical situation display. Behind are two further seats, between which is a platform from which to operate a roof-mounted crew-served weapon. Connecting the vehicle systems is an advanced networked vetronics system.

SandCat features Plasan’s advanced lightweight composite armour that provides up to STANAG Level 3 ballistic protection without effect on either gross weight or performance.

The vehicle can be tailored for a diverse range of roles, from homeland security applications to special forces transport. Plasan (Hall 6, Stand B300) is also showcasing its extensive vehicle protection expertise.

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