Eurosatory 2016

Train and evaluate [ES2016D5]

17 June 2016

A simulator that allows for training and evaluating an entire mortar section and each of its members is being demonstrated at Eurosatory. Spanish firm EXPAL (Hall 6, Stand F133) applied modern simulation technology to faithfully replicate real-life situations on the battlefield in its Simox indirect fire tactical simulation system.

Simox was designed to enable an instructor to test each of the trainees, from the platoon commander and forward observer to the loader and gunner crews, individually or in a group, on the skills needed for their specific positions.

Facing a set of three screens from where he manages all aspects of the session, the instructor places the mortar team in realistic simulated scenarios that will train them to work together from physically separate positions.

The sense of reality for the trainees is enhanced through the use of life-like replica equipment, including the mortar system, ammunition, charges, communications and laser rangefinder. Expal’s Techfire battle management system forms part of the training.

Nearly all key battle phases can be simulated to prepare troops for actual situations and tactics development. Simox allows for post-training evaluation of each individual’s or the group’s results. The instructor can design specific programmes for each of the trainees.

Expal is also showing its related solutions, such as EIMOS, the 81mm mortar on a light 4x4 vehicle, and the Techfire system.

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