Eurosatory 2016

Portable road unrolls on demand [ES2016D5]

17 June 2016

Where roads become impassable or are non-existent, the military could do well to call upon Netherlands-based company RVM (Hall 5, Stand H490). A specialist in woven fabrics, RVM offers vehicle mobility products that help keep military or rescue vehicles on the move, no matter the road conditions.

RVM’s new Flatrack Deployment System (FDS) was developed to lay down a temporary road in a matter of minutes. Holding at least 100m of woven steel mesh, the system is mounted on any truck equipped with a hooklift system. The mesh unrolls as the truck reverses, thus providing a ‘paved driveway’ for heavy vehicles and equipment to traverse. Installation of the system requires only one operator and the truck driver.

“This portable roadway system is currently deployed by Polish forces in the multinational Exercise Anakonda 2016, now underway in Poland,” said Julian van Dijk, business development manager. “It is also operational in several other countries.”

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