Eurosatory 2016

Create a real sensation [ES2016D5]

17 June 2016

For military training to be as true to life as possible, simulators need to recreate more than just visual stimuli. Canada-based D-Box Technologies (Hall 5, Stand F96) is now empowering the simulation and training community with new-generation motion-cueing systems.

The D-Box Gen II actuators generate motion cues in the vertical and horizontal planes, giving integrators the ability to build great movement in three-dimensional space platforms.

The company designed the Gen II to be retro-compatible with existing D-Box Motion Code software and for clients to scale up on their existing software.

“D-Box Gen II brings more freedom and evolution capabilities to simulation and training technical experts who understand the significance of feeling real-world cues in a virtual training environment,” says Claude McMaster, president and chief executive.

At Eurosatory, Presagis and D-Box Technologies have joined forces on a helicopter training simulator, which adds kinesthetic cues on aircraft behaviour. The added cues allow pilots to recognise the sensation of acceleration, deceleration and wide-ranging vibrations that are felt even before the onboard instruments can indicate their occurrence.

D-Box has also brought together Esterline, Bohemia Interactive, Pitch Technologies, Cursive Simulation and Agenium to show a low-cost turnkey team-training system These partners believe that practising combat skills in a simulator the same day or even hours before they are needed can provide a huge tactical advantage.

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