Eurosatory 2016

Fighting vehicle diversification [ES2016D4]

16 June 2016

Turkish company Otokar (Hall 5, Stand E847) has now moved into the tracked armoured fighting vehicle market and has brought the latest model, Tulpar-S, to Paris. The first example was completed in mid- 2015 and since then has been undergoing company trials. The hull is of all-welded steel armour with an appliqué passive armour package and has a gross vehicle weight of 15 tonnes.

The Tulpar-S features a shock absorbing floating floor, spall liners and special blast-attenuating seats, which all add to crew survivability. In the baseline armoured personnel carrier configuration it has a crew of two – commander and driver – and can carry eight dismounts.

The Tulpar-S is powered by a 360hp diesel coupled to an automatic transmission, with four forward and two reverse gears, which gives a maximum speed of 78km/h. The vehicle is fully amphibious.

The Tulpar-S being shown here is fitted with the Otokar Basok remote controlled weapon station armed with a stabilised 7.62mm machine gun. Mounted alongside the machine gun is the sensor package that consists of a charge coupled device day camera and a thermal camera.

Banks of electrically operated grenade launchers are also fitted.

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