Eurosatory 2016

Stamp of approval [ES2016D4]

16 June 2016

Two NATO member nations have selected the Rippel Effect Systems (Hall 6, Stand B588) handheld XRGL40 extended-range grenade launcher in recent months.

“The two western European countries independently of each other selected our XRGL40 for its ability to fire low and medium velocity 40mm grenades accurately to 800m, as well as less-lethal ammunition from the same weapon without any reconfiguration,” said Rippel Effect Systems marketing executive Dawid Fourie.

The ability to fire less-lethal grenades makes the XRGL40 ideal for special forces, peacekeepers and law enforcement agencies that have a requirement to scale their operations.

Eurosatory Daily reported last year that the UK’s Energetics Technologies Ltd (ETL) became the latest ammunition manufacturer to use the Rippel Effect launcher to develop a 40mm medium velocity grenade.

Other ammunition developers opting for the XRGL40 were Diehl BGT Defence, Rheinmetall- Denel Munition, and Indumil of Colombia, while Singapore’s STK and Atlantis Corporation of South Africa both now certify their extended-range low velocity grenades with the XRGL40.

“For a multi-shot grenade launcher to fire less-lethal grenades in semi-automatic mode, we at Rippel had to find a solution to the technical problem of sufficient gas pressure that normally winds the cylinder,” Fourie explained.

“The XRGL40 functions with our proprietary variable port pressure device (VPPD) that enables the cylinder to advance to the next round as quickly as the operator pulls the trigger, even when firing very low pressure less-lethal grenades.”

Rippel Effect is also showing its electronically programmable multi-velocity GR40 sight that allows the operator to choose between different ballistic profiles of the ammunition types that can be fired with the XRGL40.

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