Eurosatory 2016

Akash on display [ES2016D4]

16 June 2016

Indian defence electronics giant Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) produces more than 350 systems across the defence and civilian domains, and a small selection is on display at Eurosatory (Hall 5, Stands J847/H848).

The company is highlighting the Akash air defence system, in which BEL plays a major role.

Akash is a medium-range system comprising a Rajendra 3D passive electronically scanned array radar and up to four interlinked launchers, each with three ready-to-fire missiles, and a command centre.

Other radars and command units can also be integrated with the baseline system. Akash officially entered service with the Indian Air Force in 2012, and with the Indian Army in May 2015. The army version is designed for high mobility, and to keep in convoy with mobile forces. The launcher and radar are based on a T-72 chassis.

Other BEL products on display comprise a range of radars, including through-wall, battlefield surveillance, ground penetrating, weapon locating and troop control systems.

An array of electronic warfare and airborne products is being showcased, including elements of the Rustom II UAV system being developed in India.

Communications systems on display include software-defined radios, alongside electro-optic products such as thermal imagers and night vision goggles.

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