Eurosatory 2016

Double up [ES2016D4]

16 June 2016

Tatra (External Stand D320) is displaying two new T815-7 Force family tactical truck models.

Adding crew-cab options to the T815-7 Force family for the first time, the first example is fitted with a four-door soft-skin cab, the second with a four-door armoured cab. Both cabs are fitted with air-conditioning and, if required, NBC filtration.

The softskin cab seats up to six and is forward tilting for maintenance purposes. The armoured cab seats up to five on blast-attenuating seats.

Developed in conjunction with Plasan of Israel as part of a range of cabs for the T815-7 Force family, protection levels are certified according to the latest STANAG 4569 and AEP-55. Motive power in both cases is provided by a 300kW Tatra T3C-928.90 V-8 12.7-litre air-cooled diesel, which meets EURO 3 emissions requirements without electronic engine management. This is mated to Tatra’s 14TS2109 semiautomatic (with manual mode) 14F/2R gearbox and 2.30 TRS two-speed transfer case.

As with all models, driveline options including EURO 4 or 5 emissions-compliant Tatra air-cooled engines, Cummins water-cooled engines and Allison fully automatic transmissions are available.

The T815-7 Force family is based around Tatra’s tubular backbone-type chassis and swinging half-axle independent wheel suspension system.

The hub-reduction axles are rated at 9,000kg (steer-drive) and 10,000kg (drive), and suspension is of the air-bellows type. Individual suspension units are located between the half-axles and ladder frame and as high and close to the chassis centreline as possible, offering additional protection from damage when operating off-road, and minimising bellow surface area even at maximum axle articulation.

Design weight rating of these chassis is 38,000kg, allowing for a chassis-cab payload of about 23,700kg with the four-door softskin cab fitted, and about 21,100kg with the four-door armoured cab fitted.

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