Eurosatory 2016

K-BATS simulates ballistic missiles [ES2016D4]

16 June 2016

Hanwha Corporation (Hall 5, Stand K397) has brought its K-BATS ballistic aerial target system to Eurosatory for the first time. Launched from a canister, the vehicle replicates a ballistic missile and provides a target for operators of surface-to-air missile systems during trials.

With a range of 180km, the K-BATS vehicle is 4m long and has a body diameter of 0.6m.

It weighs around 1.5 tonnes. It has the ability to mimic several types of trajectory, and is guided throughout its flight by an inertial/GPS system. Telemetry equipment relays crucial data back to a control centre to warn if the target is veering off track, allowing correction updates, while an explosive command destruct function is incorporated in case an errant vehicle threatens lives or infrastructure.

K-BATS has been proven while acting as a target for Korean surface-to-air missile programmes. It can also be used to evaluate the performance of in-service systems such as the Patriot PAC-2 GEM/T and forthcoming PAC-3 systems.

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