Eurosatory 2016

75 years old and still going strong [ES2016D3]

15 June 2016

In 2016, arguably the most iconic military vehicle ever – the Willys MB, better known as the Jeep – celebrates its 75th birthday. That milestone is being commemorated at Eurosatory by Africa Automotive Distribution Services (External Stand D490), which has been appointed by the Chrysler-owned Jeep company as an authorised supplier of the current Jeep J8 to selected government organisations around the world.

Today’s Jeep military models operate in 19 countries and continues to be supplied to the US Department of Defense.

Headquartered in Gibraltar, AADS is responsible for the conversion, accessorisation and armouring of the J8. The company provides bespoke aftermarket support for its customers and has carried out nearly 50 international training programmes.

Two- and four-door models are available, outfitted for a variety of roles. Military versions include command and enhanced command, utility, troop carrier, reconnaissance, special forces, light patrol vehicle in both hard- and soft-top variants, mobile maintenance, ambulance and armoured patrol.

The vehicle can also be configured for a range of civilian and emergency service tasks, such as police vehicle and ambulance.

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