Eurosatory 2016

Stop vehicles without firing a shot [ES2016D3]

15 June 2016

Having developed the Fox family of tactical light vehicles and protective technology such as the BLASTech seat, the UK’s Jankel company is launching an innovative product at Eurosatory with the ability to provide a non-contact, non-lethal means of stopping vehicles, writes David Donald.

Developed in partnership with technology developer e2v, which specialises in advanced radio frequency (RF) solutions in a range of domains from aerospace to medical science, the RF Safe-Stop system employs advanced RF technology to jam the electronic engine management systems of most types of motor vehicles, from motorcycles to trucks. The system works against vehicles travelling at speed, and at considerable distance.

This capability is seen as being ideal for a wide range of security and defence applications, such as security checkpoints, force protection, vehicle apprehension and critical facility protection.

The system is also effective against small boats, and could be used for anti-smuggling and anti-piracy duties, as well as for harbour protection.

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