Eurosatory 2016

Clarity through the haze [ES2016D3]

15 June 2016

A problem suffered by many long-range surveillance systems is the reduction in image clarity encountered in dusty, hazy or smoky conditions, or during the twilight hours. Israeli surveillance house Controp (Hall 6, Stand C517) is launching a new system at Eurosatory that, according to the company, provides sharp and clear images in all weather and environmental conditions.

Speed-ER is a gyro-stabilised multisensor system that works on three channels, including visible light and thermal imaging. What sets the system apart is a third short-wave infrared (SWIR) channel, this technology providing excellent imagery through a range of atmospheric obscurants, including rain, haze and high humidity. The system also has very long range, able to identify targets at more than 40km distant. As a consequence, fewer systems are required to cover a given area.

Four cameras make up the Speed-ER system: a cooled medium-wave infrared thermal imaging camera with continuous zoom and 0.4° field of view; SWIR camera with continuous optical zoom and 0.22° field of view; colour day camera with wide field of view; and another day camera with narrow field of view. Also included are a laser rangefinder, laser pointer and a command/control unit.

Its ability to see through dust and haze makes the Speed-ER ideal for border surveillance and coastal protection. However, it also offers significant capabilities in air defence and vessel traffic services roles.

The system can be mounted on masts, and on fixed and mobile towers.

Speed-ER is now in production to meet initial demand, with Controp expecting to receive further orders before the end of the year.

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