Eurosatory 2016

Minimise collateral damage [ES2016D3]

15 June 2016

Collateral damage is always a cause for concern. PolyCase Ammunition (Hall 5, Stand D607) has a range of advanced small arms ammunition products designed to reduce this risk.

The US company’s flagship Ruger ARX bullet (pictured) is injection-moulded from a proprietary copper-polymer matrix, designed to achieve superior terminal ballistics while remaining frangible against hard targets. It penetrates soft targets and barriers without deformation, exploiting the bullet’s forward velocity to redirect energy laterally via flutes in the bullet ogive. By transferring maximum energy to the target through a fluid dynamic effect, the bullet has stopping power and terminal performance that rival many expanding handgun bullets.

“Our advanced ammunition significantly reduces the risk of collateral damage from ricochet, over-penetration or a bullet that travels past its intended target in constrained defence and security environments, while achieving exceptional terminal performance,” said PolyCase founder and CEO, Paul Lemke.

PolyCase also manufactures the RNP projectile, a frangible, lead-free training option with identical ballistics and felt-recoil to the ARX. PolyCase designs and produces Ruger ARX ammunition under licence from Ruger.

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