Eurosatory 2016

One-shot rocket [ES2016D3]

15 June 2016

Armar Corp from Bulgaria (Hall 5, Stand J461) is showing the latest version of its Armblast shoulder-launched rocket family for the first time. The Armblast 2 TB is a single-use weapon firing a 73mm enhanced-range thermobaric cartridge that can engage a wide range of targets, including fortifications. The weapon can also engage forces in hard structures, bunkers and trenches, and armoured vehicles.

Armblast 2 TB is an easy-to-operate system and is of lighter weight than its predecessor for ease of carriage. The round and its launcher tube weigh 3.7kg and have a length of 765mm. It can be fired from enclosed spaces and the aiming sights provide for a firing range of 700m.

Armar’s development of thermobaric weapons began in 2007 and initially resulted in the DREBG-73 shoulder-launched weapon of 2008. The company then developed the Armblast TB with a 400m range. Two further members of the Armblast shoulder-fired family were added in the shape of anti-personnel and anti-tank versions, as well as a cost-effective training system. The system was officially certified by the Bulgarian defence ministry in 2014.

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