Eurosatory 2016

Eyes of a hawk [ES2016D2]

14 June 2016

Being able to see both hostile and friendly forces at distance and in all light conditions is a crucial ability for commanders, supplying them with the information required to make timely decisions. Chess Dynamics has developed the Hawkeye family of long-range electro-optic systems to provide that capability for a range of land-based applications.

Hawkeye comes in four versions: Hawkeye DS deployable version for covert surveillance; Hawkeye VS for vehicle-mounted operations; Hawkeye FS for fixed installations; and Hawkeye CS compact system for armoured fighting vehicles. The systems can be operated as standalone sensors, or integrated into wider surveillance networks. Hawkeye can also integrate with a range of other associated systems, such as remote weapon stations, ground surveillance radars, datalink networks and battle management systems.

As well as its basic sensor capabilities, Hawkeye includes advanced image processing to enable automatic target detection and tracking, along with enabling panoramic situational awareness.

The system can capture and record both still images and video.

Chess Dynamics (Hall 5, Stand K700) is supplying its Sea Eagle fire control electro-optical (FCEO) system for the Irish Naval Service’s three new Samuel Beckett class 90m offshore patrol vessels. The Sea Eagle FCEO has already been accepted for the lead ship of the class, and has completed live firing trials on board the second vessel, LE James Joyce.

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