Eurosatory 2016

Measure the range [ES2016D2]

14 June 2016

System integrators could do well to consider long-range laser rangefinders from Finland-based firm Noptel (Hall 6, Stand F197), now wholly owned by FN Herstal.

The company has launched two new modules, optimised for middle and long ranges. Having developed a multi-technology fire control unit (FCU) with FN Herstal, Noptel employs the FCU in all of its LRF modules.

The LRF family comprises units from 20g up to the 500g high-performance unit, which measures from 5km up to 10km.

According to Noptel, its rangefinders exploit laser pulse flight time measurement technology, a special cumulative measurement method and advanced signal processing techniques. The cumulative measurement method enables Noptel to use standard diode lasers and eye-safe technology, while still achieving impressive measurement distances and measuring rate.

The small and lightweight modules are typically applied in thermal imaging, forward observation, surveillance, weapon sights, targeting, fire control and reconnaissance.

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