Eurosatory 2016

Scaled down but real [ES2016D2]

14 June 2016

Despite the huge growth in drone technology, the requirement of high payload and long endurance still limit its applications. Italy’s Helicampro (Hall 5, Stand K848) believes it has a solution with its HCP-M rotorcraft that is being shown here at Eurosatory.

This innovative UAV is a scaled down real single-rotor helicopter powered by a 110cc four-stroke supercharged engine delivering 7.6kW. The company states that the engine is multi-fuel, running on ‘Super Plus’ 98 octane, Jet A1 or JP8. Whereas its maximum speed, wind resistance, hover ceiling and autorotation capabilities depend on the final configuration, these are comparable with those of a full-scale helicopter.

With a maximum take-off weight of 28.5kg, the HCP-M is able to lift payloads starting from 15kg. The fuel burn of less than 2kg of common gasoline for every hour of flight time allows the payload/fuel balance to be adjusted according to the mission requirements.

The HCP-M features a customised interface board to allow the widest range of connectivity possibilities. This allows data from the customer’s payload to interact flexibly with the dynamic management of flight to reach the ground control station by following redundant paths such as point-to- point and LTE protocol. Helicampro sees both civilian and military interest for its UAV, including for patrolling, detection of landmines, radiation measurements without exposing humans, and urgent deliveries.

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