Eurosatory 2016

Safety in early detection [ES2016D2]

14 June 2016

As the threat of nuclear terrorism remains real, it is vital that peace-loving nations co-operate in sharing technologies for early radiation detection. Finnish company Environics (Hall 6, Stand D301) is a leader in the field of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) detection.

Its EnVision GOSSAMER product line launched recently is a mobile ground-operating CBRN surveillance system with advanced measurement and event reporting. Derived from the CBRUGS project (Chemical, Biological and Radiological Unattended Ground Sensors) for the Finnish Defence Forces, it was approved for delivery this year. Operator training and field testing are in progress, with the system likely to be operational later this year.

Occasions where the system could be deployed include surveillance of accidental releases of airborne hazards, e.g. around factories, power plants, harbours and airports, or surveillance of possible intentional releases of airborne CBRN agents related to suspected terrorism.

EnVision GOSSAMER comprises tripod-based CRN measuring and data processing and bioaerosol detector units, along with command and control posts equipped with EnviScreen Operix CBRN monitoring software, communication and battery power packs. The sensor fields are each built upon a number of key system building blocks. “Real-time CBRN situational awareness is critical in the operational decision-making process,” explained Major Mikko Elo from the Finnish Defence Forces. “With this field-deployable EnVision GOSSAMER system, situational awareness is significantly increased. More importantly, this sophisticated surveillance system is applied widely, from protection of airbases to mass events.”

At the Nuclear Security summit in Washington this year, 23 countries and INTERPOL jointly published a declaration prepared by Finland in which they committed to developing their radioactive material detection systems for improved prevention of the illegal use and trafficking of radioactive materials. For its part, Environics has developed, in co-operation with other Finnish companies, a commercial version of the radiation identification equipment and reach-back system that can be exported to friendly nations.

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