Eurosatory 2016

An eye for detail [ES2016D2]

14 June 2016

With the constant increase in threats to infrastructure, French firm HGH Infrared Systems (Hall 6, Stand F370) has now added Hypervisor to its Cyclope advanced intrusion detection and tracking software.

As a mature software product, Cyclope underlies the successful Spynel panoramic infrared thermal imaging surveillance systems comprising multiple site protection units. Now, the addition of Hypervisor allows all data to be centralised, to offer a global geolocation of all events tracked by Spynels over a common network. With the Cyclope Hypervisor connecting to all Cyclope workstations, the user has access to geolocation data of all threats and sensors on vector smart maps, custom local maps or a table display. It would list the last detected events with their ID, location and timestamp.

Able to detect and track a vast array of targets on land, in the air and at sea, the system provides target IR thumbnails, location and time data, while displaying and filtering from cameras or radars. The user is then able to configure sound alarms according to detection criteria.

For Hypervisor the company retains the long-standing tradition of the open architecture of the Cyclope framework, which allows for easy integration with other platforms. HGH believes the Cyclope Hypervisor provides an enhanced layer of centralised security supervision for critical infrastructure such as airports, nuclear plants, international borders and law enforcement institutions.

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