Eurosatory 2016

More punch and capability [ES2016D1]

13 June 2016

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (External Pe6b, Stand B221 and Hall 6, Stand ED660) has revealed further improvements to the latest addition of its Spike SR (short range) tactical missile family.

The capability of the original Spike SR, fitted with a tandem high-explosive anti-tank warhead to defeat main battle tanks equipped with explosive reactive armour, is being increased by the integration of a new penetration blast fragmentation warhead with a delay function, which has recently been successfully tested.

This has been designed for use in urban operations, with the high-explosive fragmentation warhead penetrating the bunker or structure before detonating with lethal blast effect.

The standard Spike SR has a maximum range of 1,000m, but this is being increased to 1,500m to provide the operator with a greater standoff capability.

The Spike SR is a lightweight man-portable system, weighing only 9.8kg. The missile is fitted with an advanced uncooled imaging infrared seeker and an advanced tracker and operates in the fire-and-forget mode.

Once fired, the launcher and its associated day sighting system are discarded.

Rafael has confirmed to the Eurosatory Daily that more than 4,500 Spike missiles have been launched during tests and in combat and it has already supplied several hundred updated Spike SR rounds to an undisclosed customer.

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