Eurosatory 2016

Silent delivery [ES2016D1]

13 June 2016

Airborne Systems North America (Hall 5, Stand LK837) has added the MicroFly II to its inventory of guided precision aerial delivery systems (GPADS), which are capable of delivering food, equipment, survival kits, troop resupply equipment and much more to a war zone to support troops or for humanitarian relief.

They can deliver loads ranging from 100 to 42,000lb (45 to 19,051kg) and have glide ratios of up to 4:1, providing unmatched standoff capabilities.

Once released from an aircraft, MicroFly II flies autonomously to its preprogrammed target using a Ram Air parachute to a designated point on the ground after being dropped from altitudes up to 24,500ft (7,467m) above mean sea level. It features a light system, simplified drogue falling, and a removable lithium battery with a six-month maintenance schedule.

An impressive new feature on the MicroFly II is the silent slider. This is available on the Intruder 360 canopy and reduces noise in flight, which is a plus for covert missions.

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