Eurosatory 2016

Get attention [ES2016D1]

13 June 2016

In high noise environments, it becomes critical to still be able to communicate. This is where Belgian firm Summit Engineering (Hall 6, Stand D258) offers a solution with Stentor, its range of ultra-high power acoustic hailing devices.

Making its international debut at Eurosatory this week, the Stentor PHD-146 penetrates high noise level environments to provide loud and clear communication for effective crowd or riot control. It is a compact and portable long-range acoustic device, with an impressive 146dB peak acoustic output. Waterproofed and weighing only 13kg, including battery and CM1 control microphone, it is ideal for police forces, fire brigades, civil defence and military users.

According to Summit Engineering director Eddy Berger, more than 15 years’ design and manufacturing expertise went into developing the Stentor range. “Our aim is to fuse current policing demands with modern technology,” he said, adding that the PHD-146’s extended audio bandwidth, particularly in the low frequencies/bass output, ensures audio voice projection that is natural and warm for better intelligibility and impact.

Featuring a built-in noise-cancelling capsule and feedback suppressor, the PHD-146 can broadcast live messages even in the most reverberant environments. The CM1 microphone’s SD card equips the PHD-146 for hours of digital prerecorded messages or alert tones.

The PHD-146 features extended battery operation, providing 100 hours of power on standby and five hours’ continuous speech facility.

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