Eurosatory 2016

Seeing through armour [ES2016D1]

13 June 2016

Operating from under the protection of armour is necessary in most tactical scenarios, but it poses problems for the vehicle’s crew in terms of situational awareness. Sensors can provide 360° vision around the vehicle, but the presentation of that imagery can be cumbersome.

Elbit Systems (Hall 6, Stand D567) has addressed this with its IronVision helmet-mounted system, which gives the wearer – notably the vehicle driver and commander – the ability to effectively ‘see’ through the armour that is protecting them. The system is similar to that used in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which allows the pilot to ‘see’ through the skin of the aircraft. Elbit has drawn on the sensors and systems architecture that are used in military aircraft and helicopters to create a vehicle system that employs a series of sensors distributed around the vehicle, combined with tactical data from other sources. Panoramic 360° imagery is displayed in high-definition colour on the helmet’s visor with zero latency, along with overlaid tactical information.

As the wearer moves their head, the display shows exactly what would be seen if they were in the open, with the added advantage of having key tactical features and threats highlighted digitally. The system is of particular application when operating in joint forces and in sustained high-intensity operations, providing full, realtime situational awareness and the ability to rapidly make key tactical decisions.

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