Eurosatory 2016

Taking the sting out of attack [ES2016D1]

13 June 2016

Allen-Vanguard (Hall 5, Stand J662) is officially unveiling here its SCORPION 2, the latest addition to its electronic countermeasures (ECM) product line.

SCORPION 2 is a software-defined man-portable ECM system that is programmable across its entire operating range of 20MHz to 6GHz, enabling it to provide highly effective protection against all current or emerging radio control IED threats. It can be customised for use in a variety of roles including military foot patrol, VIP protection, EOD carry forward, special response teams and static or infrastructure protection.

Lighter, smaller and thinner than its predecessor, it is capable of operating in fully active, fully responsive or hybrid (combination of active and reactive) modes. It has a built-in GPS antenna/ receiver that facilitates generation of a 1pps signal to allow synchronisation and interoperability with nearby friendly force ECM systems.

SCORPION 2’s simple but robust design and physical architecture makes it easy to maintain and repair in the field.

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