Stability for law enforcement [CANSEC2016D2]

26 May 2016

On show for the first time here is the Spyder F3-P police vehicle from Bombardier Recreational Products (Booth 215).

BRP offers a wide range of power-sports and all-terrain vehicles for commercial and private use, and also specialised vehicles for military, law enforcement and search and rescue duties. The new vehicle demonstrator was completed at the start of the year, and the company has begun marketing it to law enforcement agencies.

BRP has created the Spyder F3-P in answer to requirements that have been raised by a number of police organisations. The vehicle has a reverse-tricycle arrangement, and draws in some of the benefits of both an automobile and a motorcycle. The open nature of the configuration makes the rider more visible and accessible, and therefore more engaged with the public. However, the layout makes the vehicle far more stable than a motorcycle, and much safer to operate around people at low speeds. Other benefits compared to a motorcycle include greater storage capability, including a front compartment.

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