More capable Hercules reaches RCAF fleet [CANSEC2016D2]

26 May 2016

Cascade Aerospace is in the process of delivering Lockheed Martin CC-130J Hercules to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) following upgrade to the latest Block 7.0 configuration.

All 17 of the RCAF’s fleet are undergoing the modification.

The first was completed by Cascade in February to become the first Block 7.0 modification to be completed outside of an OEM or government facility. The final upgraded aircraft should be back in service by October, at which time Canada will have become the first nation to fully upgrade its fleet.

Block 7.0 adds 29 distinct capabilities to the C-130J, including a Link 16 tactical datalink that enhances situational awareness by allowing data to be shared between allied aircraft. A new flight management system is installed that is compliant with new CNS/ATM air traffic mandates, and also includes vertical navigation capability and coupled auto-throttle.

A special mission display processor, civilian GPS and ground power modules are also part of the upgrade, which was defined by a multination C-130J user group.

Cascade Aerospace is an operating unit of IMP Aerospace & Defence (Booth 813) that was acquired in December 2012. The unit specialises in C-130 work, and is one of only two authorised heavy maintenance centres for the C-130J in the world, as well as being an authorised centre for older C-130s. In April last year, it completed its 100th C-130 scheduled maintenance.

Parent company IMP Aerospace & Defence has become a stalwart element in the support of Canadian Armed Forces aviation assets. Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, IMP Aerospace itself conducts activities in support of the CP-140 Aurora, including the recent upgrade of three aircraft to CP-140M standard with satellite communications to extend the Aurora’s ISR capabilities. It also supports the CH-124, CH-146, CH-149 and CT-114 fleets.

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