LAVs on patrol [CANSEC2016D2]

26 May 2016

Complementing the LAV 6.0 platform on show in the main hall, General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada has brought two further vehicles to CANSEC for outside display, showing off two of the mission capabilities of the baseline vehicle.

One of the vehicles is in command post configuration. This version features maximum commonality with the infantry section carrier (ISC) variant, and can be easily converted so that it can be used for infantry transport itself.

At the heart of the command post is an array of additional communications equipment.

There is an updated mapboard with an adjustable work surface that can mount a communications laptop data terminal. The command post variant also has three captain chairs for system operators.

Also featuring commonality with the ISC, including a 28.6-tonne (63,000 lb) gross weight, the second LAV 6.0 on outside display is an engineer vehicle with dozer blade fitted.

The engineer is fitted with a 15m hydraulic hose that provides power for hydraulic tools away from the vehicle. This version can also mount a remote weapon station.

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