High-tech protection [CANSEC2016D2]

26 May 2016

Morgan Advanced Materials (Booth 927) has extended its bomb disposal suit range with the Silverback 3020 Elite, which incorporates new technology and leading garment engineering.

The suit has been designed for extended wear, offering protection while maintaining flexibility, making it ideal for use in search and bomb disposal missions in a high-threat environment. It provides high levels of protection from blast, low-speed impact, fragment penetration and flame immersion, and has an integrated spine protector to mitigate the effects of blunt trauma.

Improved operational flexibility is delivered through the integration of armour pouches and ancillary attachments, enabling greater integration with multidisciplinary teams.

Scalable armour, through the utilisation of Morgan’s ultra-lightweight LWB III+ or LWA IV+ plates, can be attached to the front and back of the Silverback 3020 Elite, allowing the user to work in breaching and protection roles.

The Silverback 3020 Elite suit is designed to maximise flexibility, manoeuvrability and comfort. Wearers can climb, crawl and crouch with ease, without compromising protection levels.

Duncan Eldridge, president of Morgan’s Composites and Defence Systems business, said: “The development of the Silverback 3020 Elite search suit represents a step change in bomb disposal suit technology; the addition of scalable, interchangeable armour systems offers significant benefit to the user because the suit can now be adapted to the threat level.”

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