Up and away [CANSEC2016D2]

26 May 2016

Last month, Textron Systems (Booth 611 and Outside 3036) successfully demonstrated the fixed-wing Aerosonde sUAS enabled with Hybrid Quadrotor technology, allowing the system to take off and land vertically and thereby significantly increasing mission flexibility.

With assistance from Latitude Engineering and Cloud Cap Technology, Textron Systems’ proof-of-concept work combines the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities of a multirole rotor platform with the efficiency, speed and endurance of the Aerosonde fixed-wing sUAS. With the addition of VTOL capabilities, the system retains service-proven capability within a smaller, more portable footprint.

“With its size, endurance and power, as well as experience in harsh environments, the Aerosonde sUAS has already proven its multimission capabilities,” said David Phillips, vice president, small/medium endurance unmanned aircraft systems.

“With the potential to add VTOL capabilities, the mission possibilities are almost endless. The system could be launched from the smallest operational areas – adding an array of applications on land and at sea.”

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