Rapid role reversal [CANSEC2016D1]

25 May 2016

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada (GDLS-Canada) (Booth 1301 and Outside 3012) is introducing its latest light armoured vehicle (LAV) innovation here at the show. Not only does it stand out because of its dramatic paint scheme – one side painted white and the other green – the LAV combat support vehicle (CSV) also demonstrates its ability to reconfigure quickly from one mission role to another.

According to the company, its LAV CSV offers a full spectrum of capability from peace support operations to high-intensity conflict.

Imagined and engineered by GDLS-Canada, the LAV CSV’s innovative modular solution builds on the successes of the LAV 6.0 platform, the centrepiece of the Canadian Army’s modernised combat vehicle fleet, which is currently in production as part of the contract to upgrade 550 Canadian Army LAV IIIs to extend their operational lives.

While it is being shown on day one in the LAV CSV A (ambulance) version, it will undergo an overnight reconfiguration in less than an hour into a CSV CP (command post) version, to prove to potential customers how rapidly the vehicle can be re-roled to meet different user requirements.

The LAV CSV A offers highly mobile casualty treatment and evacuation capabilities, being able to accommodate two to four litters and including as temperature-controlled stowage space for medical provisions.

The LAV CSV has many features that are not found on earlier production LAVs, including the double-V hull, which provides a high level of protection against mine and improvised explosive device blasts. A powerful Caterpillar C9 diesel developing 450hp, coupled to an automatic transmission, along with an innovative drivetrain and suspension, provides a high level of cross-country mobility.

The independent hydropneumatic suspension has height control with full-time 8x8 drive or 8x4 being selected by the driver.

Drum brakes are fitted all round, as is anti-skid braking and central tyre inflation, which allows the driver to adjust the tyre pressure to suit the terrain being at GDLS-Canada. “The LAV CSV is an exceptional combat vehicle that offers a modular approach to missions while maintaining the highest levels of protection of our Canadian soldiers.”

In addition to the LAV CSV, GDLS-Canada is showing two other LAV 6.0 vehicles: the LAV 6.0 Engineer and LAV 6.0 Command Post. Both of these variants are coming into service with Canada in 2016.

Though the LAV 6.0 is the base platform for the LAV CSV, it also forms the basis for the LAV combat reconnaissance vehicle, built and positioned to participate in GDLS-Australia’s bid for Australia’s LAND 400 Phase 2 contract, which aims to replace older LAVs.

In addition to supplying LAVs in the 8x8 configuration for Canada, GDLS-Canada has also sold significant quantities of its LAVs to Australia, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and the US Army and Marine Corps.

The US Army version is called the Stryker, with the baseline vehicle being the M1126 infantry carrier vehicle.

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