HEDP-RF munition on show [CANSEC2016D1]

25 May 2016

Nammo (Booth 1001) is displaying the latest addition to its family of high explosive munitions for 40mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL) systems.

The 40mm x 53 high explosive dual-purpose (HEDP-RF) munition features built-in high-precision airburst, fragmentation and armour-penetrating capabilities, which allow for multiple target engagement options – from light armoured vehicles and buildings to targets in de lade – without the need to change ammunition.

The HEDP-RF can penetrate more than 65mm of rolled homogeneous armour in impact mode, with a safety separation of less than 50m for gunner safety, meaning that the HEDP-RF round is a safer option in close combat scenarios.

In airburst mode – which is enabled through a unique wireless programming solution developed by Nammo – the HEDP-RF round creates more than 1,100 fragments that are distributed sideways and backwards from the detonation point.

Nammo has also teamed up with Aimpoint to develop the manual programming unit (MPU), a cost-effective airburst programming solution, which can be fitted to any 40mm AGL system. Using the MPU, operators can dial in the airburst distance – when red, the flight time is transmitted to the rounds, which then airburst at the correct distance.

While the 40mm rounds are generally fired from a vehicle-mounted AGL weapon system, Nammo, in co-operation with Aimpoint, has developed a solution allowing the systems to be operated by a dismounted user.

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