25 May 2016

Ottawa-based ICOR Technology (Booth 532), an established manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, yet affordable, protective security equipment to EOD, tactical and CBRNE units worldwide, is presenting the newest member of its CALIBER robot family.

The CALIBER MK4 is equipped with seven cameras, including a dedicated telescoping pan-tiltzoom camera arm that can reach a height of 2.75m (9ft). Apart from a superior sight capability, with two independently operated arms (one for the claw and one for disruptors), the robot can easily pick up large items and disrupt them in a safe area. ICOR designed the robot for large vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices based on recommendations from bomb technicians and security personnel.

The MK4 is said to be the ideal solution for keeping security personnel safe when dealing with large unknown threats.

CALIBER robots are in use with more than 230 law enforcement agencies in some 25 countries.

The company’s varied portfolio of products also includes X-ray solutions, remote firing initiators, stealth search equipment, explosive ordnance disposal/improvised explosive device disposal tools, and hook and line equipment.

ICOR is an active member of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, as well as the National Tactical Officers Association, and is an ongoing supporter of the EOD Warrior Foundation.

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