Enhanced detection [CANSEC2016D1]

25 May 2016

Visiontec Systems (Booth 1524), a Canadian supplier of critical infrastructure security and CBRNE solutions, has been contracted to provide Ontario correctional facilities with body scanners for 26 prisons.

The company will install the new scanning systems over the next two years, with 11 scheduled to be installed by March 2017.

Ontario is the first jurisdiction in Canada to introduce full body scanners in all adult correctional facilities.

Developed by ODSecurity of the Netherlands, the Soter RS body-scanner features advanced imaging technology with an emphasis on detection capability, image quality, ease of use and radiation safety.

It can safely scan individuals for external and internal contraband and weapons not detected by existing security measures. Operators using the new system can easily distinguish differences between human tissues and other materials.

This project follows a successful six-month pilot project at the Toronto South Detention Centre, which resulted in a reduction in contraband, reduced incidents involving weapons and improved institutional security.

Body scanners are highly supported by correctional oficers, provincial health and safety committees and other correctional staff.

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